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Quality eyewear at a competitive price.

Our friendly, professional eyeglass dispensary staff will help you choose the perfect pair of glasses at a very competitive price. We participate in a variety of insurance plans, and offer our own specials and discounts..

Your new glasses will be expertly fitted to not only help you see better but also to protect your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Our Practice only uses top quality lenses.

  • We use Varilux Physio Enhanced Progressive lenses.
  • Polycarbonate lens material, which is the safest material as it is impact resistant.
  • High Index 1.74 lens material is the lightest and thinnest on the market.
  • Polarized Lenses are a must for eliminating glare in your sunglassses. Any surface can create glare in sunlight including water, snow, windows, vehicles, and buildings. Drivers, boaters and fisherman are some who benefit for the glare cutting properties of polarized lenses.
  • Transition Lenses
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We carry a large assortment in frames. We carry designer frames such as Gucci, Kenneth Cole, BCBG, Cole Haan, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Nine West, Ellen Tracey, Callaway, Kate Spade, and hundreds more styles to choose from. We carry plastic frames and metal frames. Titanium to flex frames. Children’s frames and Sunglasses. Whether its a trendy new look or something more conservative our Optician will be able to help you choose a frame that will perfect your vision and enhance your appearance.All our frames and lenses have warranty’s that may vary by your vision insurance policy.
Our optical shops take many insurance plans, including VSP, Davis Vision, Eye Med, Optumhealth, and State of Maryland .

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Did you know that we are one of only 3 practices in Maryland that offer the Visioffice!? It allows precision optical measuring of each patient’s unique facial features and eye movements to give a custom fit of your eye glass.

Digital photos allow you to see up to 4 frames on your face, side by side. You can even send “your new look” to someone’s phone! Learn more about our Visioffice!

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Contact Lenses

The contact lens department at Physicians Eye Care Center is ready to meet all of your contact lens needs. Our staff includes professionals with decades of experience who can fit everyone from new wearers to experienced ones who might like to try something new or continue with their current lenses. We can order the lenses for you and handle your insurance coverage, or give you a contact lens prescription (as long as you have been adequately evaluated) so that you may order them yourself.

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The developments in contact lenses continuously change and we offer the newest lenses and can advise you as to whether you may benefit from these new changes. When you come in for evaluation, please bring your current contact lenses, the packages they come in, or any previous contact lens prescriptions if you have them.

In general contact lens wear is not recommended before age 12 but there is no upper age limit. Children age 12 and above need to have a certain level of maturity to comply with adequate care of the lenses and to understand the potential problems if they do not care for them properly. The doctors, contact lens staff, and technical staff are happy to discuss these issues with patients and their parents.

We offer a wide variety of contact lens types, including:

  • Gas permeable
  • Bifocal gas penneable
  • Hard contact lenses
  • Soft disposables (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly replacement)
  • Soft disposable bifocal
  • Soft disposable torics for astigmatism
  • Soft disposable bifocal torics for astigmatism
  • Monovision lenses to give distance and near vision
  • Colored contacts
  • Aphakic contact lenses

Many vision insurance plans will contribute towards contact lens fittings and/or the lenses. Please check with your plan to find out this information so that you are aware prior to the visit whether there will be a charge. Remember to tell the office personnel when you schedule your appointment that you need contact lens services. And again, remember to bring your lenses, their packaging, and any past written prescriptions with you to your visit. It is also very helpful to bring your eyeglasses, even if you rarely wear them.

For more information about glasses and contact lens options at Physicians Eye Care Center please contact us today!

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